Since August 2016 MAN architects has occupied the (art-deco) building, Kalkstraat 62 at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This special building has an inspirational area, called FABRIECK. Designed by ARCK and MAN architects, the area – with a surface of approx. 176 square metres – is available for activities of creative people. Sit down at a Forestry table, use the Stringlight for decoration, the Outdooroven for heating, the Guidelight for lighting. A beautiful building, renovated and furnished in style.


Client: Bas en Nele Wauman-Vercauteren Cooperation: MAN Architecten / ARCK Photography: MAN Architecten Location: FABRIECK, Sint Niklaas, Belgium Website: www.arck-bb.be www.facebook.com/fabrieck/ Year: 2016

products in this project

Forestry Table Forestry Bench Stringlight Outdooroven Guidelight Sheepskin

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