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Hoog Vuur

De Nieuwe Stad, an innovative micro-city in Amersfoort did not want standalone hospitality but a meeting place for all users and visitors of the area. Together with a team of well-known Weltevree-designers like Floris Schoonderbeek and Dick van Hoff, but also with locals like ceramist Frans Ottink, the cafe-restaurant HOOG VUUR was developed. dining kitchen of De


Since August 2016 MAN architects has occupied the (art-deco) building, Kalkstraat 62 at Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. This special building has an inspirational area, called FABRIECK. Designed by ARCK and MAN architects, the area – with a surface of approx. 176 square metres – is available for activities of creative people. Sit down at a Forestry table, use the Stringlight for decoration,

Transfer of the Weltevree indoor stoves

De nieuwe producten en de kracht van de bestaande buitencollectie van Weltevree heeft ons tot de keuze gebracht om vanaf 1 februari 2017 de kachel collectie voor binnenshuis niet meer aan te bieden. Met het succes van twee nieuwe producten in onze collectie – de Guidelight en Patioset – is de identiteit van Weltevree nog sterker voelbaar en zichtbaar;

Weltevree at Design Post Cologne

Weltevree will present an exploring space with nature’s best loved products; in particular the international launch of our two latest products – the Guidelight and the Patioset. Visit us on the inside and outside area of Design Post and experience our products  around a warm campfire, between the 16th and 22nd of January! Weltevree at Design Post Köln



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